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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A SlingBox Is A Very Good "Thingy"

So, the WHH has been out of town since my birthday... the 26th of August in case you forgot to make note of it on your calendar (heh). I haven't accomplished a whole helluva lot since he's been gone. Some women clean out their libraries and closets, I watch my SlingBox, chat with my sons on the phone or Stickam, make up recipe cards, and work out while watching movies. Oh yeah, I take pictures of my messy office too. Hey, it's more fun than actually cleaning! Why would I want to do that, me being a tai-tai and all?

Last night, I finished watching "Big Love" on my SlingBox. (For those not in the know, a SlingBox is a device that is connected to a cable box and the internet. In this case, my son in Atlanta has a separate cable box rented specifically for my SlingBox. I control it with my computer here in Singapore.) OMG! I love that show, albeit in a different way from the "Sopranos". Gawd, I miss my "Tone and Carm". I think I might just go back and watch the entire series again.

That reminds me... Last month, The American Club magazine had a coupon for Hollywood Clicks for one month free rentals. It's the same kind of deal as Netflix. I've watched and worked out to both Elizabeth movies with Helen Mirren, the Beatrix Potter movie (thumbs down), "What Women Want", "The Weatherman", and damn, I can't remember them all now. I hate when that happens.

They really don't have a lot of new releases, I guess because they're slow to be released in Asia and also probably because the censors must review them first. I'm not sure. In any event, I decided to queue up for all of the Academy Award-winning films I've never seen before. So, today is "Alfie". I will finish it tomorrow, but I've got a feeling it's going to rip my heart out.

Do you know how hard it is to continue working out while either laughing your head off or crying your eyes out? I usually end up going in slow-motion, but I guess it's better than me lying on the couch. Last week, I was in between movies, so I decided I'd watch "They Call Me Tater Salad" for the 5th time. Well, sonofa... that guy still had me laughing so hard I think I might've peed a little or it could've been sweat, I don't know!

Can you recommend a movie that you think I shouldn't miss?


Shyanne said...

working out while watching a movie! an excellent idea. although with a couch like mine it will be hard to actually get up and get active.

how did you like alfie? nabil loves that movie. and anything else with jude law in it. he worships that guy. another one of his favourite movies is elizabethtown. have you watched that yet?

Sizzle said...

have you seen closer? he was good in that.

if you haven't seen little miss sunshine or stranger than fiction, i recommend both.

Curiosity.Killer said...

I haven't watched helluva lot movies while I was traveling. I managed to see a couple of artsy movies like "A Girl with a Pearl Earring". It's nicely gentleman enough.

How's singapore? Is it hot and humid like Hong Kong too?

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Shyanne... I was watching the original "Alfie" with Michael Caine. It did not rip my heart out, but it was good. All of these years, I thought that Dionne Warwick sang "What's It All About, Alfie?" at the end of the movie, but it was Cher with Sonny producing the music! Never in a million years would I have guessed that on! I was too young to actually see the movie back in the day. Oh my, it was controversial, with abortion and promiscuous sex. I'll see if I can get the new one with Jude Law from HollywoodClicks because he's cute. :D

Sizz... no I haven't seen that one, so I'll try to get it too. When I was back in the U.S. I actually bought "Stranger Than Fiction" and "Little Miss Sunshine". I loved them both and have watched them repeatedly. I don't usually do that, but they were so good!

CK, I haven't seen "A Girl with a Pearl Earring" so will look it up too.

Today's weather was actually quite nice. Of course, it's always very humid here since we're only 1 degree north of the Equator, but summers here are easier than in North America. The temperature is fairly consistent. There's been more rain this summer than usual, though. Welcome home!

annie said...

Now, what is sling box? Is it basically like "Video on demand"?
I HAVE been watching the Sopranos on DVD and sometimes I even watch the "edited" version on "A&E", I don't even know why cuz edited versions suck!
And OMG! I LOVE Ron White "Tater Salad". He is FUNNY! He has a few shows, JUST as funny, you should look them up. If you like his humor, you would like my other favorite comedian, Lewis Black.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Annie... My son bought the SlingBox (we paid for it), connected it to a separate cable box (we pay), and then to his router. I downloaded the software for SlingBox, then I connect to it via the internet. I can watch all of the channels that he has subscribed from his cable TV provider. I usually watch the On Demand shows because of the time difference. I'm 12 hours ahead of East coast time.

Edited versions do suck because all of the cursing is part of the charm?? of The Sopranos. "Whaddya' gonna' do, uh?"

Oh yeah, I know Lewis Black, but haven't seen him for a long time. I'll look for him and more Ron White shows too.

Thank you for all of the great suggestions!

annie said... basically you are pirate-ing HIS cable through the internet? Or, you said he bought a separate cable box to hook the Sling box to? So he's actually sort of paying for an extra TV?
Is that right?
Or is there a way around that? Like, could I get ONE Slingbox and become a Pirate cable provider? Ha-ha!

Kentucky Girl said...

OH EM GEE, I'll totally come and help you clean out your cupboards and wardrobes! LOL!

I thought about getting a Slingbox, but truthfully, I don't really ever get out of the house anyway so yeah..not necessary that I can think.

Savy said...

for some reason I can only lift weights with anything going on the television. Cardio? Nope. My brain/body shuts off and I am in danger of hurting myself (more than usual, anyway.)

SJ said...

If you haven't seen Under The Tuscan Sun, it's a great chick flick! I never get tired of its charm.

I also highly recommend The Banger Sisters, Sweet Home Alabama, America's Sweethearts and my husband's all-time favorite chick flick, The American President.

But more than any movie, if you have access to Showtime On Demand, watch Season 1 of Dexter!!! It's addictive, funny, creepy and wonderful. And Season 2 is coming up soon!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

KG... that's so nice of you! Just let me know what time I need to pick you up from the airport. ;D

Savy... I suppose if I was really pushing myself, I'd be at risk for injury too, but I don't push too hard. It's an elliptical so its easy on my joints too.

SJ... Thanks for the recommendations. I wrote them all down and will go to the Hollywoodclicks website to put them in my queue before I reformat my hard drive. AACK! I hate doing that.