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Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Kentucky Girl's 24-Hour Tour of Singapore**

The other day, Kentucky Girl posed this question, "Where you would take a person if they were only going to visit your city for one day?"

I've pondered this for a few days, actually and have come up with the following itinerary:

Since you live in CA, the time change won't be as hard as it would be if you were flying out of Newark. You can fly to "How-a-ya" and spend a few days there to have a bit of sun and fun and get lei-ed. Then you'll stop in Taiwan or Tokyo. It doesn't really matter because you'll be in the rich-bitch section of the plane (I've never been up there dammit) because you're cool that way.

So, I'll be waiting at Changi Airport for your flight to arrive --anxiously so, because I know you're "hostess gift" will be the requisite Big-Ass Bottle of Absolut that you had to stop to buy at one of the duty-free shops before you left the terminal! What? You thought you were staying here for free??

Once we have the Big-Ass Bottle and your luggage safely in hand, we'll get into the taxi queue, load your one empty suitcase and the overstuffed one into the taxi. We'll venture on over to our place. After our arrival, I'll show you your room and then show you where the shower is because, you know, it's been more than a day since you showered! Whew!

After you've taken care of your personal hygiene, we will sit down to one of my husband's famous meals. It depends on what kinds of foods you like,but you can count on bacon being on the menu. I'll also be sure to have plenty of sweet or unsweet tea, booze, and beer.

Once we're all thoroughly over-sated... you're going to need to sleep about 3 hours, not much longer though because you've got to get into this time zone.

Now the fun begins. We only have to walk around the corner to get to Orchard Road. Singapore is about shopping, and Orchard Road is where it's happening!

We'll stop at Ngee Ann City because I love Takashimaya, then we'll go across the street to check out Paragon.

By this time our feet are going to be killing us, and we're going to need some refreshments. We'll queue up for a cab at Paragon to go to the Raffles Hotel Long Bar where the famous Singapore Sling was invented. Ooh! They're yummy, and the hotel is gorgeous!

Since we're in the neighborhood, we'll wander over to Little India because you really must get a beautiful henna tattoo. It's an exciting place, bustling with activity.

Next, we need to go to Arab Street so that you can buy loads of silk to take back with you in the empty suitcase.

It's dark now and we're whooped from the heat and all of this walking. We're going to need more food and drink, and I think we should go to Clarke Quay and Boat Quay for that. Clarke Quay underwent a complete tranformation last year. It's all rather glittery, but fun to see and there are some very nice restaurants there. We'll take a bumboat ride to see the Merlion, and then we'll go to Boat Quay to our favorite restaurant, River Quay Seafood. If you like seafood, then you must try chili or black pepper crab. Singapore is famous for both. My favorite meal there is cheese lobster, bok choy, and fried rice. If you don't like seafood, no worries, Madame Irene and her crew will accommodate you. They treat us like royalty. So nice!

We're running out of time! There're a lot more places I'd like to take you, but we need to head in the direction of our condo. You simply must check out the infamous Orchard Towers. There are some interesting clubs, to say the least, but at least two clubs feature exceptional bands and musicians. I have a big band crush on Tania. They've been together since the 70's. Zul and the WHH are the same age. I hadn't been in to see them for quite a while, and on my birthday we went in to Harry's and Zul had buzzed his hair!

It's time for us to go back to our place. We'll get into the taxi queue -- it looks like it will take us forever to get a taxi, but that queue moves quickly and the taxis are lined up quite a ways... almost to Claymore Hill. Oh yeah, and there's the "he/she" who likes to hang around that taxi queue. "She's" the sorriest-looking gal, but she always has on nice clothes and shoes. Somebody's keeping her busy.

Our 24-hours is over. There's a Mercedes-Benz taxi waiting outside the lobby. The taxi driver will help us load your two over-stuffed suitcases into the boot, and then you're off to Changi Airport and your next destination. Hmmm... Let's see, I think you should visit Hong Kong on your way back home. Hey, Curiosity Killer lives there, I'm sure she'd show you a great time!

Thanks for visiting. WHH and I always love to have visitors!

**After spending most of the afternoon backing-up stuff that I'm going to need after reformatting, I decided I needed to finish this for KG. PLUS, WHH doesn't get home until the morning... reformatting can wait until he's sleeping-off the jet-lag.


Dave2 said...

Whaaa-? No stop at the Hard Rock Cafe while walking down Orchard Road?!? :-)

I loved Singapore, and dearly wish I could have stayed longer than two days. Though I did get to walk Orchard Road, see the Merlion, have a Singapore Sling at Raffles, and visit Little India (don't forget Sri Mariamman Temple!) and Arab Street... so maybe I didn't do too badly for myself?

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Believe it or not... I did consider HRC, but Dave, it's on the wrong side of the street and KG is all about shopping! Maybe she'll come back again? ;D

Yes, indeed, I think you did quite well for such a short visit here. You're the ultimate traveler, Dave. I always enjoy your stories and pics of your adventures. I especially enjoy your graphics of Li'l Dave and Bad Monkey -- even when you're sick! I don't know how you did the "Vertigo Li'l Dave". Honestly, that .gif makes me queasy, and I don't have an inner ear infection!

OK, moving on to my very favorite place in Singapore, and that is the Botanic Gardens. I love to trek the unbeaten paths because it's so peaceful and QUIET, a rarity here. That's where I found the beautiful black swan.

I do love living here. I just wish that it wasn't so far away from our family and friends.

Curiosity.Killer said...

Oooo!!! That sounds like fun! I've been to Singapore, but not well-guided like this!! I wouldn't stay for only 24 hours though, no way -- I'll stay at least a weekend even though I'm so much closer to you than Kentucky Girl. :)

Apparently Hong Kong is also a GREAT destination -- but very expensive. That's what I heard.

If anyone wanna come to HK, they're welcome - just can't promise any space to stay at my tiny apartment.

Kentucky Girl said...

Awesome day! SHOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPING! LOL I totally love that!

And I only fly first class IF the flight is over 3 hours. Which is, admittedly, most of the flights that I take. BUT, not if I go to Phoenix or Vegas or Los Angeles. haha!

Ooh, I love the Sssssssssssingapore Sssssssssssslings! So yummeh. :( Can I just have a GIANT to go cup of that? LOL

Silk is always nice. I have a lot of silk stuff from the China trip. BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL.

OMFG. BLACK PEPPER CRAB? Do you know how much I love black pepper? DO YOU? I have black pepper on EV-er-ey-thang!

And dance, dance, dancing the night away after shopping and ssssingapore sssslings and crab souns DEE-VINE!

My friend visits Hong Kong all the time on business. I keep hoping he'll ask me to go sometime! LOL

Okay, so I'll be there tomorrow. Prepare me a little guest nest. Floor is good enough for me. So long as I have a pillow. hehe

ablondeblogger said...

Wow! I don't know if I'd have the energy to do all that if it were me! LOL

I totally PPH KG, btw. She is the best!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

CK... If you ever get the opportunity, and we're available, you're certainly welcome. I'd also love to have a guided tour of Hong Kong!

KG... You're always welcome here. I know that we'd have a great time. Just to appease Dave, I'll make sure to get you to the HRC. Obviously, I was NOT thinking clearly with my initial itinerary! I can be slow sometimes.

BB... Quite honestly, I don't know anyone that could do all of that in one day. Especially, here in Singapore. After a big outing such as shopping on Orchard, most everyone I know needs to go home take a shower and a little nap. Then, they're ready to go again -- only to need another shower, and more food! :D

Curiosity.Killer said...

Oh, you're so on! Come over to Hong Kong!!

Living in Singapore said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog via Google Blogsearch...

This is the same route I take my visitors on! But we spread it over 2 or 3 days :)

Do you mind if we add a link to your blog from our directory of expat bloggers in Singapore? It's up at if you'd like a look.