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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Great Geeky Tai-Tai Meet-Up

All the cool bloggers have been doing it, and dadjimit (that's East Tennessee-speak fer y'all not in "the club"), it was about damn time I did it too! Just to list a few of the cool bloggers who've done it in alphabetical order, ya' know because I worked in a library and all (no, I do not call it a li-BARE-y as is customary in East Tennessee)... Asia, Avi, Dave2, Hilly, Jenny, Kevin, Karl, Mr. Fab, Mrs. RW, Neil, RW, and Sizzle.

What is "it", you ask? "It" would be a blogger meet-up (Tequilacon, Davecago, etc.). We didn't have cool lanyards, buttons, and stickers because, to be honest, I was the only blogger there. I guess if I lived in Hawaii or something, maybe I could make it to one or two of them. This morning I found out that I'm going to miss Avi's big Halloween bash! Hell, he's invited the entire internets. That's going to be a wild party and I'm going to miss it!

Alright, I think I've got the *whine* out of my system so I'll tell you about the Great Geeky Tai-Tai's Meet-Up! Back in August after I posted the Lumpy Breasts and Vagina Power post. I got an email from a guy, (whom I'll call "S") who'd searched "Americans in Singapore" and clicked on the link to my blog. We exchanged a bit of information, and he explained that he would be moving here for work. I didn't hear from him for a while after that, but I thought it was cool that somebody actually liked my blog besides Mom and my sisters! heh

S moved here two weeks ago and the WHH and I invited him for burgers and beer at The American Club. We only spent a couple of hours together, but it was a lot of fun meeting him. I introduced him to my buds, Thamo, Henry, Mugilan, and Michael in the Union Bar.

S is one brave guy -- moving here alone to start up a sales operation. A very different experience from ours having an MNC sponsor us. S is well-traveled, but had never visited Singapore. He spent quite a bit of time just trying to get a cell-phone (it's called a handphone here). Not only do they want your FIN number, but I think it's even more involved than when we got ours. DNA testing perhaps?

After dinner we headed out to the taxi stand. We were there for a few minutes, when the WHH said, "Hey, I've got one more thing I want to show you." We walked down the street to Orchard Towers (aka Four Floors of Whores).

As we were walking down past Jason's Deli and around the corner, WHH said, "See that taxi stand?"

S, "Yeah."

WHH, "You'll never have trouble getting a taxi there. On Friday and Saturday nights, they're lined up to Claymore Hill Road. Even if you have to wait a while, it's always fun to people-watch. Just watch out for the he/shes!"

S walked down to the MRT and we walked home from there.

The next day I got an SMS from S, "Our little walk down to 'four floors of whores' turned into a bit of prophecy - I was approached by five girls just walking down to the MRT. What a crazy place!"

Me, "They especially like the handsome Caucasian men."

S, "But they chose me instead! hehe"

Funny guy that S!


Avitable said...

Since only Moms and sisters read your blog, which one am I?

Sounds like a fun meet-up. I invited all of my blogger friends on the off-chance that someone will be in the general area or even have frequent flier miles they want to use up. Even if you're coming all the way from Singapore!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Certainly no one would ever confuse you with a he-she! So, I guess maybe I was wrong there.

If I didn't already have a commitment for next week, I'd be making arrangements to visit you and Amy. I think it'd be a blast to go to your party and meet everyone!

Donna said...

Mom and your not so Geeky sisters have to read your blog, it's the only way we can keep track of you and WHH.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Thank heavens for all of you and Avi!

Dave2 said...

You should have invited me!

I've been looking for an excuse to return to Singapore...

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Dave2... You are ALWAYS welcome to visit us! Our contract is supposed to end December 2008. I know every plan that you've made for the near-future is in turmoil, but still, it would be fun to plan a meet-up with you at the HRC in Singapore! Hey, maybe we could talk Kentucky Girl into a visit too! That would be a blast!

SJ said...

Blogger meetups ROCK. I'm already making plans for San Davego in the summer of 2008. Think you could make it?

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

SJ... I would certainly consider it. Maybe I could tie it in with my home-leave or something. Cool!

jenny said...

Can you imagine the trouble a bunch of bloggers could get into in Singapore? We'd have to make sure we brought a few defense attorneys with us... :)

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Jenny... Yeah, especially if your BFF's come along (whom I'd love to meet some day too). We could go hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir, or maybe even kayaking on the lake, except we'd have to be very careful of the BAD MONKEYS! They're everywhere, but they're not cute bad monkeys like Li'l Dave's 8-) I'm afraid they'd call the authorities on us!

annie said...

Four floors of whores, ha-ha-ha!
My brother was in Asia, too. I think they like the Americans cuz they think they're RICH. No offense, fellas.