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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Twenty-Oh-Eight!

The sun has been shining in Singapore for the last few days and it has been WONDERFUL, and I'm over my pity-party. Yes, I miss my boys and my family, but I'm telling you, that sunshine does me a world of good! I just can't do 3 weeks of constant pouring down rain.

Remember Neil's, Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair? I couldn't talk about this before because I would've given away the surprise for Mom and Dad's Christmas. Anyway, I bought this painting from Kyra...

Isn't she beautiful? I just fell in love with her, and thought Mom and Dad would too since they have 6 beautiful daughters. Now, they're trying to figure the perfect spot to hang the painting and they want to get a light to highlight it. Thank you Neil and Kyra for the wonderful gift to my parents!

I got my WHH an iTouch for Christmas. He happened to have a $100 American Express gift card from last year. So, he used it to buy a bunch of tunes and of course the Umbrella video. He can't seem to get enough Rihanna (heh). He used up the money on the card and needed to register for iTunes again. Guess what? We have a Singapore address and there are no iTunes available for download here! WTH? If I'd known that, I think I would've held off buying this particular gift for him.

It's nice that he can copy our cd collection, though, so we won't have to mess with changing them all the time. Last night he connected it to our sound system in the living room and we got the dust off the speakers! Good times! I don't think we have neighbors above or below us and nobody complained that it was too loud.

We're listening to it now, and there seems to be a problem with the volume control. One song will be very loud, we turn it down, then the next song is too low. I guess I'll be calling Apple about it tomorrow.

For New Year's Eve we went to River Quay Seafood and had our usual favorites. Madam Irene is always so good to us. She gave us a bottle of Chardonnay too. How nice is that? We came home after dinner, listened to music, and I turned on the Stickam then kissed my WHH on camera at midnight and drank some champagne. What is it about champagne that seems to make me get goofier than usual? Still, it was a fun evening and a perfect start for 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!


C. K. said...

Rihanna is my guilty pleasure too. That's an awesome gift for your hubby. Happy New Year!

Avitable said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...


YOU bought my painting? I mean, not really MY painting, but my favorite painting? I see how it is ;).

Happy New Year!

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

C.K. -- "Umbrella" is just an amazing video! I especially like the part where she's all silvery (is that really a word?)

Avi -- Happy New Year to you too! I PPH you.

Hilly -- Hehe! I guess I did! :D

RW said...

Yappy Hew Near!

Miss Britt said...

That picture is gorgeous! If they can't find a spot for it, I can think of the perfect wall in my house.

I'm just sayin' ;-)

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

RW -- Yappy Hew Near to you too, you funny guy!

Miss Britt -- I think that painting would look beautiful in anyone's home or gallery! I haven't heard any complaints. When they find the perfect spot, I'll ask them to take a picture for us. Happy New Year :)

C. K. said...

Yeah, silvery is a word I think -- hee hee.

Anyhow - would you like a cartoon drawn of yourself? Info is on my blog...

Savy said...

Oh, I'm so glad they liked it! :)

There has to be a way to get iTunes to work for you guys. That's horrible that you can't access it! I played with one of those iTouch things a while back... it's probably good that I don't have one, I spent all my time tipping it various directions to see what it would do.

Geeky Tai-Tai said...

CK -- I've been wondering what you look like ever since I "met" you! I will definitely check that out.

Savy -- Yes, me too, and I'm very glad that we got it for them. Art and music are my muses. I've been on a 3-year hiatus from both, and it's time for me to get back to them. I read your comment on Hilly's blog, and you're right... it is a needto paint, or play music, or write, or scrapbook, etc. It is a compulsion for me to play my saxophone or paint, or even cook! It is who I am. Thank you again, Kyra. I can't wait to see the painting in "real life"!